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Turn Your Art/Photography in Profitable Greeting Cards


This kindle book will walk you through what I have done to create my own line of greeting cards and where I sell
them. This is definitely a short and sweet book hence the 1.99 price tag. I could fill it with a lot of filler info and repeat information that is already available to you. I choose not to do that as I believe all our time is valuable. I did include what works for me and hope that you find some inspiration for what will work for you! 
This went to the #1 spot on Amazon for short reads in art kindle books upon it's release. Just CLICK on the book cover above to see more!

As of this week's update  I have sold over 41,000 cards on just one site alone!

Click on the Husky to take you to the book site or click on any card below to check out my cards!

Link to my "Promotion in Motion"
article on Greeting Card Universe

Link to featured quote in the New York Breeder

June 2015 issue.  Inside Cover.